No Recollection

No Recollection is a 5-Piece rock band from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Formed in the summer of 2014, they have been rockin’ steady ever since. Like the many generations of great bands before them, No Recollection was born in the garage, but their music belongs on stage.

Originally playing under the names “SJC & The Strutt” and “The Strutt”: Sammy Kroshus (Bass) , J.J Trzaskowsky (Drums), Cullen Wilson (Vocals/Guitar), and Matt Strutt (Guitar) have been hard at work! After hosting numerous Open Mic nights at Chillers Brew Pub & Eatery in Moose Jaw, No Recollection took to the open pavement and have been playing shows all over the province. In December 2014 a new member was added [Garret Wilson (Guitar)], younger brother of frontman Cullen, adding a new element to the already face kickin’ equation.



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