1. Ursa Maja: Mouses
  2. Ursa Maja: More To Life

3.Megan Nash:Deer Head

4.Megan Nash:Ghost on Fire

5.No Recollection:Kick in The Face

6. No Recollection:No Recollection

7.Highwind: Caught in the Crossfire (The Divorcee Part 2)

8.Highwind:Quietly Depressed (Part 4)

9. Friend Friend: New York (It’s Not Your Fault)

10. Friend Friend: We Were Berlin

11.Johnny 2 Fingers and The Deformed Titties: Ode To Caliostro

12.Johnny 2 Fingers and The Deformed Titties: King of The Underground

13.Riviere: On My Own

14.Riviere: Sarah’s House

15.The Faps: Wet Tom Jones

16. The Faps: Like Mike

17.Northern Fallout: Nothing Left to Lose

18.Northern Fallout: Let it Go

19.Brodie Moniker: Old Sandbox

20. Brodie Moniker: Patience